1. Background
  1. Foreword

These general conditions of sale apply to all orders received by the company A2Z Accessories Ltd, which emanate professionals, traders or company. They supersede all other conditions, in particular the terms of purchase of customers. Any order automatically implies acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as any special conditions specified in the order. All orders placed to the company is firm and final. The information given in the catalogues, manuals, price lists, and pro-formats are provided for information only, the seller may be required to modify at any time without notice. The contracting parties are informed that these general conditions of sale are subject to regular updates viewable at: www.a2zaccessories.co.uk  and it is your responsibility to consult regularly before placing any orders with A2Z Accessories Limited.  Unless expressly denounced by Terms A2Z Accessories Limited at the end of the calendar year, these terms will be tacitly renewed for the following year and will be applicable to the parties.

  1. Characteristics of goods and services

The products and services offered are those listed on the website www.a2zaccessories.co.uk  in computer format and / or paper catalogue.

Photographs of products in the catalogue and website are as accurate as possible but cannot ensure a perfect similarity with the product offered, particularly with regards to colour.

The company A2Z Accessories Limited represents the products for sale with the characteristics required to comply with Article L 111-1 of the Consumer Code, which provides for the possibility for the potential consumer to know before taking command of the essential characteristics the products they wish to buy.


  1. Acceptance of the order

Orders placed by telephone, mail, fax or via the company’s website www.a2zaccessories.co.uk engage the customer upon receipt. The company A2Z Accessories Limited is a distribution company, it is the client to define his own needs and to verify the compatibility of products ordered. Customers can order via the website of the company A2Z Accessories Limited which is available to them; This service is free. IDs, access codes are strictly confidential and should in no case be handed over to third parties. The customer is responsible for the management of access and in case of theft of access A2Z Accessories Limited Company assumes no responsibility.

In case of error in transcription (display) the prices on the website of the Company A2Z Accessories Limited, the sale will be deemed not to have been concluded at the incorrect price. The customer will receive a control corrigendum (before or after delivery of the goods, to regularize the price display error). The customer must validate the corrigendum to the company A2Z Accessories Limited by receiving it. The A2Z Accessories Limited Company reserves the right, from the receipt of the order in any form whatsoever, to accept it, to make reservations or reject it. The unavailability of a product, either due to being out of stock, or its removal from our catalogue is stopped by the manufacturer of the product, will not result in any cancellation of the total order and will not be entitled to any compensation from the company A2Z Accessories Limited. Only available products will be delivered and invoiced so. The company A2Z Accessories Limited do not support the balances unavailable products will be considered permanently removed from command, load the client to instruct the company A2Z Accessories Limited to replace it, or not, by another product of his choice and change accordingly the initial order.

that we deem suitable for the successful implementation of commitments. The refusal to meet them gives us the right to cancel all or part of the market.

  1. Delivery conditions

Withdrawal: The delivery takes effect at the time of removal of the products by the client in warehouses of the company A2Z Accessories Limited.

Delivery: Delivery times are indicative. The responsibility of society A2Z Accessories Limited therefore can in no way be engaged in case of non-compliance with these deadlines.

Possible delays can never justify a total or partial cancellation of an order or provide support for demand any compensation or the application of penalties for late payment by the customer. In particular, in case of delay due to the carrier for any reason whatsoever (no delivery, transportation delays, momentarily lost packages, etc …) the dispute must be settled directly between the customer and the carrier.

Upon receipt of the goods the customer is required to verify the completeness and compliance of his order, the number of parcels, the contents of the packages, the state of packaging. Any anomaly concerning the delivery (missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged package, damaged, broken products …) will have to be found by the client in the form of clear handwritten, precise and complete information on the travel voucher, and in the presence of the carrier. The customer and the carrier date and sign the reservations. If the carrier refuses to sign the reserves, the customer must notify it in writing on the travel voucher and shall keep a copy of these reserves. In accordance with Article L133-3 of the Commercial Code, the customer must confirm by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt delivery defects within three days of delivery in order to confirm such claims with the carrier. Any claim related to the ordered and delivered equipment must also be stipulated within 24 hours by registered letter with return receipt to the company A2Z Accessories Limited.

If the customer refuses delivery of the products and did not report any anomaly on the travel voucher, this will be considered an abusive refusal.

  1. Incoming goods

The goods delivered as ordered can not be returned or exchanged.

Any complaint must be made first by telephone within 24 hours of receipt of the order followed by registered letter on pain of inadmissibility within the period of eight days from the receipt of goods.

If the claim is justified, non-conforming goods will be exchanged or, if not possible, to have one.

III. Applicable Warranty

The warranty period for products sold is that of the manufacturer. After-sales service is provided by the manufacturer or authorized repairers.

  1. Retention of title clause
  1. The goods remain the exclusive property of the seller until full payment.
  2. Only the collection, not the delivery of means of payment, amounts to a payment with transfer of ownership in favour of the buyer. The buyer will bear, however, upon delivery of the goods, the risk of loss, damage and missing merchandise, even in cases of force majeure or due to third.
  3. Deposits may be retained to cover potential losses on resale.
  1. Force majeure

The Company A2Z Accessories shall under no circumstances be held liable for any breach of its contractual obligations in the event of a force majeure for the following events, without their enumeration can be of a comprehensive nature: internal or external strike, disasters, delays in our supply and general events affecting and making impossible the normal execution of orders.

  1. Jurisdiction

In case of dispute, the courts of Lyon are competent.

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