Gorilla Tech Pull Up Pouch (M) – Red

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Pull Up Pouch

Designed and made by Gorilla TechTM. The unique design gives this pull up pouch a stylish and delicate look and feel.

Made with precision and care from High Quality Synthetic leather and Soft Fibre Interior provides a soft and smooth surrounding for your handset that protects your Phone from scratches and scrapes., this Pull-up Pouch is durable and hard-wearing, easily reducing or mitigating scratches, chips and bumps and allowing the Phone to look newer for longer.

GORRILA TECH aim to deliver the highest quality of goods and so all of our products are tested to ensure we are offering the best product on the market.

From Gorilla Tech Protection with Style Series This pull up pouch offers far more than just protection; the easy to use strap on the back makes removing your Phone simple and effortless.

These cases are multifunctional and offer additional storage space, Built-in Card Slot to fits any major cards perfectly such as driving license, Bank/ID Cards Oyster card etc. that you might need to carry.

This Case has a Secure and tight closure system to hold the Phone without compromise. Magnetic snap closure ensures complete protection.

The case is very compact and stylish and is available in three colours (Black and Brown).

Product Features:

High Quality PU leather which is made from Cowhide

Extra fine stitching ensures long lasting through years of use

Soft Fibre interior so the phone won’t be scratched

Advanced magnet locking system so the case won’t flap open