Gorilla Tech Ultra Slim Leather Book Wallet Case for Galaxy S7 (Black/Red)

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Ultra Slim Leather Book Wallet Case

Designed and made by Gorilla Tech™. The unique design gives this case a stylish and delicate look and feel. Manufactured from high-quality material, this wallet is durable and hard-wearing, easily reducing or mitigating scratches, chips and bumps and allowing the Phone to look newer for longer. Magnet mechanism is implemented to ensure that the flap stay sticks to the rest of the case furthermore it also turns your Phone’s display off, increasing the efficiency of your device. As well as the flip sticks to the back of the case while in use These cases are multi-functional and offer additional storage space for Bank/ID Cards, Bank notes etc.

This case has the ability to stand at the perfect angle for watching Videos Facetime etc. Fits any major cards perfectly such as driving license, bank cards, train passes etc and comes with a compartment for cash or other documents/Visiting Cards that you might need to carry. Access to ports and buttons has never been easier; cut outs have been integrated into the case to maintain full function of the phone while it is protected.


  • Made with precision and care from High Quality Synthetic leather. Smart and slim design with complete unrestricted viewable screen.
  • Card slots designed within the support so you can keep everything important close by. – Can be used as a stand to watch your favourite movies / TV shows without holding you phone.
  • This Case has a Secure and tight closure system to hold the Phone without compromise. Magnetic snap closure ensures complete protection. Also the flap clips to the back of the case while in use.
  • A range of different colours to choose from.

About Gorilla Tech™:

Established in 2014, Gorilla Tech™ has built its reputation on quality, design and innovation to become a globally recognised brand in the mobile Phone and other gadgets accessories. Gorilla Tech™ continues to build on its brand as it continues its heritage to deliver unique products. All our products are designed and produced in result of our passion for protection.

Gorilla Tech’s™ Research and development, in-house design and engineering team use cutting-edge technology and we partner with high-end manufacturing facilities and distinct materials providers to make this happen. We are one of Britain’s fastest-growing tech companies, and we believe in high quality products and excellence in service. Gorilla Tech™ always looks beyond the conventional to discover new ways to do things better.

Our Objective:

Gorilla Tech™ continues to build on its brand as it continues its heritage to deliver unique products, new ideas and imaginative designs to its global customer base. Gorilla Tech™ sees its work force as an attribute that advocates its principals, values and beliefs in a way that invites and encourages innovation and forward thinking.

What Makes Gorilla Tech™ Unique?

Personal advancement is enthusiastically encouraged within the team member; we are not just a successful running company, but in fact each of our staff is handpicked to deliver the best possible experience with the best care for our clients. We would say our success is down to the caring nature we hold since the company evolved.