Gorilla Tech Slim Armour With Magnet & Ringer Back Case for Galaxy S9 Plus – Black

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Slim Armour With Magnet & Ringer

If you are looking for a Sleek and stylish Phone Case, then this is the case for you.

Slim Armour with Magnet & Ringer Case designed and made by Gorilla Tech®, The outer shell is manufactured from High Quality Poly Carbonate which is extremely durable, chip and scratch resistant. The inner layer is made from soft TPU gel which acts as a shock absorber mitigating any impact. The carbon fibre finish gives your phone a unique look and feel which prevents fingerprint marks and is easily cleanable.

Numerous safety features have been implemented on this case to protect both the user and the device. A raised lip around the rear camera and LCD screen means your phone will be protected whether it is dropped on the back or face flat. All edges and corners have been rounded to keep the original look of your device and to prevent any injuries making this a great case for kids.

On the back of the case there is an inbuilt 360° rotating ring, this can be used for added grip whilst holding the device which makes it ideal for conditions where normally the phone would be at risk I.E. Using your phone on a ladder or jogging. The ring can be used as a stand to achieve the perfect viewing angle for watching movies, Facetime and Gaming. This case is also compatible with in-car magnetic phone holders, no need to remove the case just connect the magnet to the back of the phone where the rotating ring is located and this will hold your phone securely in place.

Flex Press Buttons have been designed for your Power and Volume keys, this keeps them looking newer for longer and also adds a layer of extra protection for your buttons. The flex press does not impede functionality and all buttons work exactly as they would out of the case.