Gorilla Tech Carbon Metal Back Case for iPhone X/XS – Brown

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Designed and made by Gorilla Tech. The carbon fiber design gives this case
a stylish and delicate look and feel, while adding minimal bulk and weight to your precious phone.

Manufactured from high-quality material, this elegant case is durable and hard-wearing,
easily reducing or mitigating scratches, chips and bumps and allowing the Phone to look newer for longer.

Access to ports and buttons has never been easier; cut outs have been integrated into the case to
maintain full function of the phone while it is protected.


Introducing our NEW exclusive Carbonfibre Metal Back

Designed and made by Gorilla Tech. The carbon fibre design gives your phone a stylish and unique look whilst keeping it protected and preventing any fingerprint marks or smudges.

A metal back plate reinforces the case making it more durable and long lasting. The brushed finish gives it a shiny glossy look and the carbon fibre matte finish offers an elegant contrast giving your phone a smooth look and feel. The strong and durable TPU gel holds your phone securely in place providing shockproof and impact absorption to protect your device which significantly reduces the chances of damage if the phone is dropped.

High Quality TPU Gel makes this case slim and lightweight whilst also providing extra grip to minimise the chances of your phone slipping out of your hand. It provides a flexible yet firm grip which makes installing and removing this case extremely easy.

Numerous safety features have been implemented on this case to protect both the user and the device. A raised lip around the rear camera and LCD screen means your phone will be protected whether it is dropped on the back or face flat. All edges and corners have been rounded to keep the original look of your device and to prevent any injuries making this a great case for kids.

All ports for the charger, speaker and headphone socket (where applicable) have been cut out to precisely fit all your cables without impeding the functionality of your device.

Flex Press Buttons have been designed for your Power and Volume keys, this keeps them looking newer for longer and also adds a layer of extra protection for your phones original buttons. The flex press buttons work exactly the same as the ones your device so all functions can be used as normal.

Rest assured that we are confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty as well as a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind.

Product Features:

  • Carbon Fibre Effect – carbon fibre pattern with a non-slip finish guards against drops and impact.
  • Raised Lip Feature – a 1.5mm raised lip shields your phones delicate LCD screen and rear facing camera.
  • Flex Press Button Cover – Protective button cover which does not impede functionality, keeps your phones buttons looking and feeling newer for longer.
  • Precision Cut Outs- All ports for charging and headphone jacks have been designed to allow all your cables to fit without the need of removing the case.
  • Snap On – Due to the easy snap on feature your mobile device can be inserted and removed with no hassle.
  • Easily Cleanable – The materials used in this case make it long lasting and easy to clean, a wet wipe will remove the majority of stains, dirt and dust.

About Gorilla Tech:

Established in 2014, Gorilla Tech has built its reputation on quality, design and innovation to become a globally recognised brand in the mobile Phone and other gadgets accessories. Gorilla Tech continues to build on its brand as it continues its heritage to deliver unique products. All our products are designed and produced in result of our passion for protection.

Gorilla Tech’s Research and development, in-house design and engineering team use cutting-edge technology and we partner with high-end manufacturing facilities and distinct materials providers to make this happen. We are one of Britain’s fastest-growing tech companies, and we believe in high quality products and excellence in service. Gorilla Tech always looks beyond the conventional to discover new ways to do things better.

Our Objective:

Gorilla Tech continues to build on its brand as it continues its heritage to deliver unique products, new ideas and imaginative designs to its global customer base. Gorilla Tech sees its work force as an attribute that advocates its principals, values and beliefs in a way that invites and encourages innovation and forward thinking.

What Makes Gorilla Tech Unique?

Personal advancement is enthusiastically encouraged within the team member; we are not just a successful running company, but in fact each of our staff is handpicked to deliver the best possible experience with the best care for our clients. We would say our success is down to the caring nature we hold since the company evolved.